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3 Habits that strain the eyes!


1. Reading while traveling in a moving vehicle

People are always bored when they are traveling so, apart from listening to music, people usually resort to reading. Many people complain of a headache after reading. Ever wondered why so? Reading while traveling by default exposes you to an increased amount of sunlight. When you are exposed to too much sunlight, one generally ends up squinting while reading. Squinting eyes for long periods of time increases your chances of eye strain. Along with the constant movement of the vehicle, the line of vision too keeps changing in order to adjust to the constant movement.

2. Sewing work

Needle work tends to put much pressure over the eyes. While stitching, the eyes are meant to focus on little things with utmost concentration which is not the best exercise for the eyes. When sewing if you suffer from symptoms such as headaches and aching eyes, make an appointment for an eye test immediately.

3. Smoking

Thedamage caused by smoking doesn’t restrict itself to the lungs but also impacts the health of the eye. A pack-a-day keeps healthy eyes away. Smoking hinders the ability to provide adequate oxygen to the tissues in the eye. It is a lesser known fact that the longer people smoke, the higher the risk of developing Macular Degeneration.

Check your eyes frequently to avoid any surprises. In your battles in the world, your vision is an irreplaceable weapon to aid your victory.