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Cataract Surgery

The lens of the eye which is made of water and protein helps focus light into the retina through which visual signals are sent to the brain.

Excess of protein building leads to lens blocking. The cloud form on your eye lens due to excess protein reduces vision due to blockage of light passing to the retina. This excess protein built-up which leads to lens blockage is called cataract.

What is a cataract?

Natural age results in cataract in people above the age group of 60 plus. Diseases like glaucoma, diabetes, usage of heavy doses of medication, steroids are possible reasons to increase your risks of cataract.

Depending on the growth of cataract & the damage it causes to your vision, the call to remove it is taken. A larger portion of cloudiness in your eye lens can impair vision partially or completely. In such cases, it i advisable to have a Cataract Eye Surgery in Mumbai at our clinic, The Vission Eye Center.

Who can have a cataract?

Cataract is considered as a normal process of aging. At our center for cataract eye surgery in Mumbai we come across patients from the age group of 60 plus. Few patient cases in the age group of 45-60 are also detected for Cataract Eye Surgery in Mumbai center.

Symptoms of cataracts

which should be considered important for a early eye scan to take a call of Cataract Eye Surgery in Mumbai at our Center are as follows:

Cataract Eye Surgery in Mumbai, Cataract Eye, Surgery in Mumbai
  • As if you are viewing through a frosted piece of glass or fog
  • Frequent change in eye glasses or contact lenses
  • Reduction in night vision
  • Double vision in on eye
  • Fading colours or yellowing of colours

If you are facing such symptoms then a early detection of cataract will help you take a decision of cataract eye surgery in Mumbai under the professional guidance of our Doctors.

People can face a problem a judging cars driving in front of them or judging the staircase. This is a sign of losing depth perception. This could be a symptom of having cataract in one eye.

Accurate correction of vision through laser techniques is what the surgeons are excited about. The potential these laser techniques provide in creating the capsulorhexis and in pre-chopping the nucleus. The overall energy to remove the cataract is reduced considerably.

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