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Debunking Eye Myths!

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of some weird, unbelievable fact or myth about the eye? If you eat carrots, you’ll get good eyesight or if you cross your eyes they’ll stay that way. So, what you need is clarity and some correction.

Here are 5 facts that will shatter those myths.

  1. Computer or mobile, T.V. screens can damage the eye

Earlier, parents always told their kids to stay away from sitting too close or watching the electronic screen for hours only because one almost naturally forgets to blink while viewing. Studies and ophthalmologists have on numerous occasions mentioned that using the screen doesn’t harm the eyes. Kids and adults now, forget to blink which leads to a syndrome called dry eye leading to eye strain and fatigue. So, there’s no harm in using the screen if you take periodic breaks in between.

  1. Reading fine print spoils the eyesight

Fine print compels the eye to focus more than required which pressurizes the eye. Focusing on smaller areas especially for longer periods of time is most likely to strain the eyes and cause you to have a headache.

  1. Eye Exercises improve vision

This is debatable depending on the age of the individual. In the case of a child who exercises the eye in their preteen or teenage years; it will help him/her with convergence such as the ability to bring their eyes together for objects that are close. All that the eye exercises do is improve your convergence issues. It is not quite possible to lose the eye power because of eye exercises.

  1. If you wear glasses then, wear it all the time or else the eyesight deteriorates.

Trying to concentrate or focus your eye on a single item especially without glasses could cause an eye strain but, in no way it deteriorates the quality of vision. Eye glasses help you see better but without them your eyes are unprotected and will get tired sooner than usual.

  1. Adults believe children will outgrow a lazy eye

This is absolutely not true. If you know that the child has squint eyes then, treatment at the earliest is better for quicker recovery. Take the child to visit an ophthalmologist to address the issue instead of allowing the lazy eyes to become a permanent reality for the child.

At The Vission Eye Center in Mumbai, our very own Dr. Himanshu Mehta has all the knowledge you require to know about sight and, he has successfully performed treatments of every eye condition.