Macular Degeneration Treatments with Dry and Wet

Dry macular degeneration treatment occurs in 90% of cases. There is a slow fragmented loss of the cells serving central vision rather like old paint flaking off a surface. The process continues over many years and is usually asymmetrical so that one eye preserves better vision than the other. Because the process is degenerative and dry, there is no inflammation to be suppressed or to form tight scars or fluid leakage to be sealed with the laser.

Wet macular degeneration treatments only accounts for 10% of cases. However, because it has a more aggressive course, it accounts for 90% of the ARMD related legal blindness. “Wet” refers to leakage of fluid, serum or blood, at the normally dry perfectly aligned visual cell layer at the centre of the back of the eye, the macular. Fluid accumulation produces rapid visual blurring and shape distortion. This may be associated with low grade inflammation.

What is Wet AMD?

Wet AMD is a chronic, but treatable eye condition.

Wet AMD is caused by new abnormal blood vessels that grow and leak into back of your eye (the retina), making it harder to see.

Wet AMD affects the central part of the back of your eye (the macular) that lets you see sharply. It can affect your ability to read drive and recognize faces.

Wet AMD can progress quickly if left untreated and affect your everyday life your reading, shopping and driving.

Wet AMD may appear to you as seeing wavy lines; blind spots (dark patches or empty spaces, which appear in the centre of your vision); or other changes in your vision.

Wet AMD is a chronic disease and most patients will need long-term treatment.


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