Macula Degeneration Tips

• If you’ve been diagnosed with AMD, making a few simple lifestyle changes could have a positive impact on the health of your retina.
Monitor your vision daily with an Amsler grid. By checking your vision regularly, changes that may require treatment can be detected early.
Take a multi-vitamin with zinc. (check with your eye physician for a recommendation). Antioxidants, along with zinc and lutein are essential nutrients, all found in the retina. It is believed that people with AMD may be deficient in these nutrients.
Incorporate dark leafy green vegetables into your diet. These include spinach, collard greens, kale and turnip greens.
Always protect your eyes with sunglasses that have UV protection. Ultraviolet rays are believed to cause damage to the pigment cells in the retina.
Quit smoking. Smoking impairs the body’s circulation, decreasing the efficiency of the retinal blood vessels.
Exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercise improves the body’s overall health and increases the efficiency of the circulatory system.

These are a few tips to make reading easier:

Use a halogen light. These have fewer glares and disperse the light better than standard light bulbs.
Shine the light directly on your reading material. This improves the contrast and makes the print easier to see.
Use a hand-held magnifier. A drugstore magnifier can increase the print size dramatically.
Try large-print or audio books. Most libraries and bookstores have special sections reserved for these books.
Consult a low vision specialist. These professionals are specially trained to help visually impaired patients improve their quality of life. After a personalized consultation, they can recommend appropriate magnifiers, reading aids, practical tips, and many resources.


Use a bright reading light
Wear your reading glasses if appropriate
Hold the chart approximately 14-16 inches from your eye
Cover one eye
Look at center dot
Note irregularities (wavy, size, gray, fuzzy)
Repeat the test with your other eye
Contact ophthalmologist if you see any irregularities or notice any changes


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