The most advanced method of cataract removal is currently laser or Femtosecond laser cataract surgery. It provides increased safety and precision, as well as a gentler way of cataract removal. Laser cataract surgery has four major advantages, which are stated below. 

Gentler Dismantling of the Clouded Lens 

A cataract is a clouding and hardening of the natural lens caused by aging. Cataracts have traditionally been removed using sound waves to break the lens into smaller pieces. The more ultrasound energy required, the denser and harder the cataract. This increase in energy can harm the endothelial cells that line the back surface of the cornea. If these cells sustain too much damage, the cornea may not recover, and a corneal transplant may be required. 

The laser pre-softens the lens in a grid pattern during Femto laser cataract surgery. Pre-softened lenses require less ultrasound to break up and remove. As a result, cataract surgery in Mumbai is much gentler and less traumatic, the corneas are clearer, and the visual recovery is much faster. 

Astigmatism Correction 

Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea is oblong rather than round, like a football. We can use the laser to create relaxing incisions in the peripheral cornea during cataract surgery to correct the shape. Before the invention of the laser, this was usually done by hand with a diamond blade. However, as with capsulotomy and incisions, an image-guided laser can now be used to perform this procedure more precisely. The OCT-guided laser can precisely place, size, and depth of these incisions to maximize the effectiveness of astigmatism correction. 

Safer Capsulotomy 

The capsulotomy, or opening of the very thin and delicate membrane that holds the eye's clouded lens, is the most important step in cataract surgery. Before the availability of laser cataract surgery, the surgeon had to open the capsule manually. If not done correctly, the capsule can become compromised, making the removal of the cataract much more difficult. A broken capsule also increases the risk of certain surgical complications. 

It is now possible to cut a perfectly circular opening in the capsule and drastically reduce the risk of breakage by using a computer-guided laser that precisely maps the structure of the eye. Even the best surgeons cannot match the precision and reproducibility of the laser. The size and location of the capsulotomy are critical for lens implant accuracy; the greater the accuracy, the greater the chance that the patient will achieve a spectacle-free vision. 

More Precision Incisions 

In traditional cataract surgery, incisions are made with a metal scalpel blade. This leads to more variation in the location and architecture of the incision. The Femto laser specifies the exact location, length, width, and architecture of the incision. This improvement in precision is especially beneficial in providing the best possible vision following surgery. 

Top-Notch Cataract Surgery in Mumbai by Vission Eyes 

Femto laser cataract surgery has numerous advantages that make it the best and safest way to perform cataract surgery today. It is considered an upgrade to premium cataract surgery, and this upgrade is usually not covered by insurance. 

Vission Eyes strongly recommends this option if the extra cost is not an issue or if you want to correct astigmatism and get rid of your glasses after cataract surgery. They have a team of the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai that have received extensive training in the most recent laser cataract surgery techniques. Our clinic provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for patients and their families. Vission Eyes is always at the cutting edge of innovations in corrective eye surgery and upholds the highest standards of patient care.