If you are tired of reaching for your glasses or putting on contact lenses every morning, you may want to correct your vision permanently and get rid of this problem for good. Having to wear glasses can feel like a major hindrance, especially at times when you are walking through the rain or want to go for a swim. Opting for a LASIK operation is the perfect solution to correct one’s vision permanently. 

LASIK surgery is one of the safest surgeries and has a good track record. Cases, where there could be complications involved in this procedure, are minimal. However, the patient might experience minor side effects like dryness of the eyes or temporary disturbance in the vision. Side effects like these are temporary in nature and wear away within a few weeks in most cases. 

If you are someone who has decided to opt for a LASIK surgery and wish to know more about the possible complications and side effects associated with a LASIK operation, you have come to the right place. Let us dig deeper and find out all the risks associated with LASIK surgery.  

1. Dry Eyes:

You might experience a temporary decrease in the tear production in your eyes after getting the best LASIK eye surgery. Your eyes may feel unusually dry for the first six months or so after the surgery. This would be their healing phase, and during this phase, your doctor may recommend you to use eye drops. There is another way to go about this process where you can opt to put tear ducts (if suggested by your doctor) in your eyes to prevent them from getting excessively dry. 

2. Double Vision, Glare or Halos:

It is possible that after your surgery, you might experience difficulty seeing at night. You can experience glares, halos around bright lights or double vision. Your body can take a few days or a few weeks to adjust to this new clear vision.

3. Corneal Ectasia:

This is a serious problem that occurs because of progressive myopia. Steepening of the curvature of the cornea can result in this condition. To prevent this complication, it is highly advisable to get your preliminary topography test done so as check if you are a suitable candidate for the surgery. If the test shows that you are a good candidate, the chances of having a Corneal Ectasia is minimal. 

4. Astigmatism:

If there is uneven tissue removal during your LASIK surgery, generally when you have a high cylindrical number in your existing glasses, the best eye doctor in Mumbai will suggest an additional surgery or the use of glasses or contact lenses. 

5. Overcorrections:

In some rare cases, it is possible that the doctor might remove too much tissue from the eye. Fixing these issues is not impossible and with newer technologies available - your eye doctor can help reverse this complication.

6. Undercorrections:

It is possible that the surgeon might not remove enough tissue from the eyes. This condition is called under corrections and can result in giving you a better vision but not satisfactory results. Patients may need another refractive surgery within a year to get satisfactory results. 

7. Changes in Flap:

Sometimes, even the best LASIK surgery can lead to complications. Removing or folding back the flap from the front of the eye can cause complications like infections and excess tears. During the healing process, the epithelium or the outermost corneal tissue layer may grow abnormally underneath the flap of the eyes. 

Complications like these result in temporary loss of vision. In case you experience temporary loss of vision post LASIK surgery- you must visit your doctor immediately so that he can reverse any flap-related complications that might be there. However, these are extremely rare with advanced medical procedures and equipment. The possible side effects mentioned above usually disappear within a week or two, and there are a few amounts of patients that deal with these effects for a long period of time.

Are these risks worth the Laser Operation for Eyes Cost in Mumbai?

A LASIK surgery makes it possible for you to look younger and feel more confident. It also allows you to participate in outdoor adventures without the need for any visual aid. Moreover, they are cost-effective in the long run if you compare the price of the surgery to the amount of money you’d otherwise have to spend on contact lenses and glasses. 

Most people who choose LASIK surgery to correct their vision are able to get excellent vision without any complications. You can play sports, go for a swim or perform a simple task like looking at the watch first thing in the morning without worrying about your contact lenses or glasses. Most of the candidates who opt for LASIK surgery share that they have had a pleasant and positive experience. The techniques and procedures that the best eye doctors in Mumbai follow are continuously changing and advancing, making them worth the cost of the surgery.