What is Lasik eye surgery? 

Lasik eye surgery is a typically performed laser refractive surgery to treat vision-related problems. Lasik (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is an alternative to contact lenses and glasses. Ophthalmologists perform Lasik eye surgery to correct the glass power (numbers). One can permanently fix hypermetropia (long-sightedness) and myopia (near-sightedness).  

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The following are some of the common misconceptions about Lasik eye surgery: 

Myth 1 - “Lasik eye surgery is a painful surgery.”  

Fact: In reality, Lasik eye surgery is a fast and naturally pain-free surgery. Before the surgery, the Lasik surgeon applies numbing drops to limit pain or discomfort. The patient might experience slight pressure when the corneal flap is made. Lasik eye surgery is an outpatient surgery, essentially a quick procedure. In many cases, the patient can return to perform their regular activities within two days after the surgery.  

Myth 2 - “Lasik eye surgery can cause permanent vision loss.” 

Fact: Lasik surgery treats the surface layer of the eye to reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye). There can be some complications, such as blurry eyes or dry eyes, after the surgery for a couple of days, but there is not even a single case of a patient losing their vision after the Lasik eye surgery. Lasik eye surgery is a relatively very safe and secure procedure.  

Myth 3 - “Lasik eye surgery is only for individuals with near-sightedness (myopia).”  

Fact: Lasik eye surgery can correct various refractive issues in addition to near-sightedness (myopia), including astigmatism and hypermetropia. However, when Lasik eye surgery was first introduced, it was only practiced to treat myopia. 

Myth 4 - “Lasik eye surgery is not affordable.”  

Fact: Lasik eye surgery cost in Mumbai and other places has decreased remarkably as the surgery has become more common by gaining trust among the people. laser operation for eyes cost in mumbai differs from center to center ranging between 50000 to 70000. however, multiple finance and insurance plans can cover the cost of lasik eye surgery and other eye treatments.  

Myth 5 - “There is an age criterion to undergo Lasik eye surgery.” 

Fact: Most eye doctors in Mumbai recommend Lasik eye surgery for patients above 18 years of age, as that is when the eyes stop maturing. However, many adults above 40 years of age have healthy eyes and can be the ideal candidate for the surgery. As an individual starts aging, certain conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma can be why the individual does not qualify as a candidate for lasik eye surgery in Mumbai. 

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