Many misconceptions surround cataract eye surgery. These misconceptions lead people to try ineffective strategies for reducing the same. Below mentioned are some of the common misconceptions that people have regarding cataract eye surgery.

Reading can cause cataract:

Reading can cause a cataract is a common misconception that many people have. Many also believe that looking at computers or any activity that involves close vision will cause a cataract. This is a common misconception of many people and is not true.

What is true is a natural process that involves ageing, and not reading, or other close vision activities causes a cataract. A cataract may be caused due to hereditary or other risk factors, but it does not involve reading. This misconception is wrong and should not be taken seriously.

Eye drop may have some effect on Cataract:

This is to be noticed that there are no eye drops that are prescribed for cataract. A cataract is a natural process and is caused due to ageing or hereditary reasons. Some common measures to delay cataract is by staying healthy and avoiding the sun as much as possible. Eye drops do not affect cataract. Cataract operation costs in Mumbai are fluctuating and depend on the condition and hospital.

Cataract surgery hurts:

The misconception that people have regarding cataracts that it hurts is baseless. With the introduction of anaesthetic eye drop, cataract is now as painless as possible.

There are chances where patients have felt a mild discomfort, but it is rare and uncommon. Cataract surgery has the highest success rate, and minimum risks are involved in it. Cataract surgery also has a short recovery period, so it is advised to get cataract surgery for the best results.

Cataract can come back again after having surgery: 

Cataract surgery is associated with removing the lens that has been deteriorated. An intraocular lens implant then replaces the lens, and these implants have no chances of getting cataracts again. Even if the membrane that holds the lens becomes cloudy, it can be cleared easily using a laser procedure. This clearly states that cataracts have no chance of coming back after undergoing surgery.

One should wait before getting cataract surgery:

If a cataract is troubling someone, one should immediately take help from an ophthalmologist rather than waiting too long. There are many cases where people waiting too long to get cataract surgery have met with certain complications.

A cataract is very common in older people, but recently it has been observed that many young people also suffer. It is advised to visit the doctor regularly and get your eye checked up for the best results. This will help detect cataracts if there may be in the patient and get them treated instantly for the best results. 

The above-mentioned points show the various misconceptions that people have regarding cataract surgery. Reading the above information will give you a clear idea of these misconceptions and the truth behind them.