Although the LASIK surgery is painless, the post-surgery events can be painful if you do not follow the appropriate instructions given by the doctor. Here are some things that you should remember after undergoing laser surgery.

What you should do?

  • Use regular medications

The medications and the eye drops should be taken regularly, at the right time as prescribed by the doctor. You should consult the doctor before discontinuing them and also ensure that you visit them regularly.

  • Follow the doctor's instructions

You will be guided by the surgeon after the Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai, with certain instructions to be followed. Make sure that you strictly follow the advice given by the doctor. This will help in a speedy recovery. 

  • Rest your eyes

Give your eyes some time to rest and heal from the surgery. Even if you are feeling energetic after the procedure, you cannot risk your eyes. Therefore, rest your eyes for better and safer results.

  • Use protective wear

Use UV protective sunglasses when you are outdoors. Always keep your sensitive eyes covered after surgery and avoid a bright light environment as much as possible. Use the protective glasses until you heal completely.

  • Do not neglect the follow-up appointments

The follow-up appointments help in monitoring the healing process so that no issues arise. 

Things you should avoid

  • Stay away from electronic devices

Take a break from computers, phones, and other electronic devices for at least 24-28 hours following the surgery. The screens can cause your eyes to dry out and you may feel a strain.

  • Avoid showers

You can take baths but avoid hot showers and steam. Also, make sure that water does not enter your eyes in the first week after laser eye surgery. You can gently dab a washcloth around the eyes to remove water. 

  • Avoid reading

Reading small prints can hurt your eyes and cause straining. Hence, avoid reading print media, magazines, and novels that include small prints.

  • Avoid exercise and sports

It is suggested that you skip your workouts for a few weeks. Also, stay away from sports activities to avoid taking any risks. You can get back to it after the doctor has given you a green signal. 

  • Do not wear eye makeup

You should also avoid wearing any eye makeup for at least a week so that your eyes get some needful rest.

Some additional tips

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, or staring without lubricating your eyes. 
  • Take a break from driving, swimming and avoid alcohol consumption.
  • You can use lubricating drops when they feel irritated.
  • Avoid dusty environments and situations where your eyes are at high risk.
  • Resume your work only after the doctor says so.

Final note

The post-surgery period is very crucial for quick healing and proper recovery. Even if you have got operated on by a clinic that offers the best LASIK eye surgery, not following proper instructions after surgery can land you in trouble.