Cataract surgeries are considered one of the safest and most commonly preferred treatment procedures. The innovative methods of medical science over the years have made it possible to get rid of cataracts quickly and conveniently. On average, the surgery lasts for about 15-20 minutes under topical anesthesia and uses an intraocular lens by removing your opaque lens for total visual ability post-treatment. However, as much as the surgery process is easy, it is essential to take utmost care post-treatment to promote an effective and efficient recovery process followed by doctors' prescriptions and follow-ups.    

Avoid Harsh Lighting  

Keeping the eyes away from heavy lights that reflect harshly is essential post-surgery. Care with utmost attention for the first 24 hours post cataract surgery is necessary. The light sources include the light emitted from mobile phones, tablets, televisions, etc. It also includes the harsh bright light used at home. Thus, it is better to dim or off the lighting and avoid using electronic appliances post-surgery for adequate recovery.   

Protect Your Eyes From Dust And Dirt  

Protect your eyes with sunglasses post-surgery to avoid contact with dirt or pollutants. It will also prevent rubbing and constant distraction. After constantly keeping the eye surface area protected for 24 - 48 hours after the surgery. However, use it for at least a week to help clean and wash.   

Don't Skip Appointments for Follow-up 

One of the most important things you should do post-recovery is to follow the appointments and keep track of the recovery process. Skipping on the follow-ups can cease the progress in the recovery, causing any damage or harm to the eye health. The follow-ups are essential as it helps with assessing the healing and the effectiveness of the prescribed medication. It also helps with clarifying the queries regarding the process, if any.    

Take Care While Bathing And Washing  

The chances of getting the chemical substance in the eyes increase while washing and bathing. Thus, to ensure the utmost safety, it is better to use the protective cup and prevent it from splashing or drenching chemicals or foamy and soapy water. Not avoiding the soap and foam will hamper the post-treatment recovery making it difficult for you to recover effectively. It is also essential to prevent the eyes from water steam to ensure its safety and continue with the recovery post-treatment.   

Avoid Driving  

Driving immediately after the surgery is not recommended, and it is advised to take utmost care in the initial stage as the vision might not seem stable. However, this tip will be followed for a few more than the immediate next. At least for 4-5 days, it is advised not to drive post-surgery as the vision might not be supported entirely, and putting strain on the eyes may affect the recovery process making it difficult to heal. After consulting the doctor for follow-ups, you will be given a time frame to resume driving but with sunglasses and protection.    

Avoid Swimming Or Intense Physical Activities 

Swimming or intense physical activities may include sudden movements, physical exertion, or eye stress. Thus, avoiding such physical activities, including swimming, is better to ensure a smooth recovery post-surgery or treatment.   

Maintaining proper hygiene and following adequate descriptions will make healing easy and convenient. It is also essential to avoid crying, stress, or trauma to the eyes to ensure a quick and effective recovery process. With the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai, Vision eyes, one of the leading eye surgery and laser center, assures effective surgery. Vision eyes aid your treatment with affordable cataract operation costs in Mumbai with a convenient setting throughout the process. From surgery to post-treatment recovery, Vission eyes encourage a smooth process with medication, follow-ups, and consultation by Best Cataract Eye Specialist in Mumbai.