Even though LASIK eye surgery is a safe procedure, it is normal to get the jitters prior to the surgery. Knowing how to prepare yourself in the weeks and days leading up to the surgery can make you feel at ease and increase your chances of a more favourable outcome.

Most patients can take their prescribed medications as usual though there are some exceptions. Some medications may need to be stopped altogether before surgery like medications if indicated by your family doctor like Imitrex (Sumatriptan), which can affect the healing process of the cornea post-surgery acetate, which can lead to eye dryness. Moreover, if you are taking medication that makes you feel drowsy or sleepy, your physician may advise you to skip your dose on the day of surgery.  

Certain drugs can also aggravate the risks associated with LASIK eye surgery Mumbai so they need to be completely out of your system before you undergo treatment. If not, it could lead to complications like dry eyes or corneal oedema.   

To help avoid these complications, it is important to inform your eye surgeon of all the different medicines that you are taking, like prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, supplements and recreational drugs. Moreover, you also need to inform if you have any autoimmune disease, diabetes, dry eyes, uveitis, a traumatic eye injury, corneal scarring, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disease or have undergone eye surgery before, as these health issues may make you a poor candidate for a LASIK procedure. If you feel you need medication to calm your nerves before LASIK eye surgery in Mumbai, talk about it with your surgeon before your LASIK surgery.

Vision Eye Center’s consultation process gives you an opportunity to understand LASIK Eye surgery, its procedure, benefits, suitability, risks and cost in Mumbai. The cost of the procedure at our s is fair as compared to other Lasik centres in the city.

During Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai, which is done in a separate LASIK theatre with temperature control, humidity control and 24-hr strict quality control, we use the best-in-class equipment that is manufactured using german technology, offer superior clinical results with speed, precision and safety, and utilise the best eye tracker to track saccadic movements of the eye and conform to international eye safety standards.  

We have a successful patient track record of those patients who wanted to get rid of their glasses or contact lenses through non-reversible refractive surgical procedures. Patients from all over the world have vouched for our diligent manner of handling every case and our commitment to Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai. Individuals who have suffered from astigmatism have also benefited from the procedure.  

Vission Eye is led by world-renowned senior doctor Himanshu Mehta who is a world-renowned optical surgeon who has successfully performed over 5000 refractive treatments over a period of 20 years. His wealth of experience ensures that we are always at the forefront of corrective eye surgery innovation and maintain the highest standards of patient care.