It is essential to know everything about the significance of healthy eyesight and preventing any severe eye conditions. From knowing the specialist who treats the eye conditions with surgeries and treatments, healthy vision begins from understanding the symptoms that call for an emergency. Ophthalmologists, medical professionals specializing in treating eye conditions, are licensed to diagnose and treat the diseases that affect the eye's health. Along with routine eye exams, an ophthalmologist also performs surgery based on the diagnosis, recommends eyeglasses and contact lenses, and helps with proper advice and eye health consultancy. 

For any eye relation troubles and treatments that involve surgeries, it becomes crucial to consult and visit an ophthalmologist with years of reliable experience. Ophthalmologists are professionals in treating severe eye diseases causing irreversible damage and advanced ocular problems, along with experience in treating refractive eye surgery. Thus, to avoid any severe eye problem, it becomes vital to consult an ophthalmologist, especially if followed by a history of eye disease. Apart from that, here are a few reasons highlighting the need to consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

When you are witnessing changes in your vision 

Vision changes are one of the most triggering signs of eye problems requiring immediate consultation with an ophthalmologist. However, mild changes that get improved by blinking can be signs of dry eye. A reason to worry indeed, this could indicate a change in the vision and ask for an update in the glasses. Besides the variation and update in glasses, the vision change can signify a medical condition like a cataract or even indicate some underlying systemic conditions like Diabetes. If you are also witnessing distortion in central vision, shadows, floaters, flashes, or curtains over the vision, this could be a sign of retinal problems like a retinal tear or a detachment which are severe problems that need immediate attention. Thus, in any case, it is of utmost importance to consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible and analyze the symptoms for treatment and assessment. 

Your eyes have become extremely dry

Treating any eye condition without proper consultation is inevitable, regardless of its type. Whether it begins with dry eyes and an itchy sensation, paying attention to the symptoms and tracking them for assessment is essential. It can be highly uncomfortable and turn severe with time, starting with dry eyes. The symptoms can affect daily work, including reading and computer work. Indeed a critical condition can result in corneal scarring. Thus it is advisable not to self-medicate but instead visit your trusted Ophthalmologist to guide you for the best treatment.

Your eyes have turned bloodshot red.

Redness in the eyes may not indicate any serious eye condition and can be expected for some individuals. It can signify dryness and inflammation inside the eyes caused due to external or internal issues. A bright red spot could be caused due to a small blood vessel burst. This is not concerning until it frequently occurs, thus, becoming a reason for an immediate consultation. However, an ophthalmologist needs to assess the eyes' redness and extreme pain as soon as possible to diagnose and treat, preventing further damage. 

You are experiencing extreme pain in your eyes.

Extreme eye pain can indicate local eye issues like dry eye or can be a sign of episcleritis, an inflammation of the eye wall. Also known as uveitis, this intraocular inflammation needs consultation. Apart from that, headaches and sinus problems can also cause eye pain, and thus, regardless of the issue, it becomes essential to consult an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and further treatment.

You are suffering from severe headaches and pressure in your eyes

Having headaches constantly could stem from a number of reasons. However, it could also be associated with increased eye pressure. Feeling pressure in the eyes is a matter of concern and is essential to assess to eliminate the possibility of glaucoma. However, to prevent any further damage it is advisable to consult someone at the earliest. 

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