An infant’s vision develops at a rapid pace. In fact, during the first six months, an infant’s sight is their strongest sense which allows them to develop important cognitive and social skills. That is why it is important to take your child to an ophthalmologist regularly for an eye examination. Moreover, it is also important that you take your child to the best eye doctor in Mumbai for a complete eye check-up within their first year irrespective of whether they are exhibiting any vision problems or not. 

 How Can I Prepare For My Baby’s Eye Exam? 

Chances are that your Ophthalmologist will assess your baby’s eyes during the first few visits. They will also review your baby’s health and family history. Remember to tell them about any eye-related issues in your family as many eye diseases can be inherited. 

How Will The Doctor Test My Baby’s Eyesight? 

The Ophthalmologist will use instruments to determine your infant’s ability to focus, recognize colors and perceive depth or dimension. Here is what you can expect during the examination. 


Using toys that make noises the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai will quickly covert and uncover each eye to know which is the dominant one. 

Fixation Ability:  

Your doctor will move an object in front of your baby’s eyes to check if they can accurately watch and follow the object. 

Pupil Light Response: 

The Ophthalmologist will shine a tiny light in your baby’s eye and look at the pupil’s reaction. The pupil will reduce in size in response to light. 

Eyelid Health And Function:  

The doctor will examine each eyelid to check if it's functioning as it should. This will include a check for drooping eyelids, inflammation, or any other signs that your baby’s eyes need further examination.  

What Does A Comprehensive Eye Examination Include? 

You should take your infant for a comprehensive eye examination at six months by an eye care professional. They will conduct additional tests that the pediatrician does not. This is important as there are some major vision issues that are hereditary. 

The best eye specialist in Mumbai will conduct some of the tests including vision correction, assessment of the interior and posterior of the eye, and other concerns you may have about your infant’s eye. Be sure to discuss any other concerns that you may have about your baby’s eyes such as crossed eyes and nystagmus so that your doctor can do further tests and advise you on what needs to be done. 

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