When you think of blade-free Lasik, you will associate anaesthesia as part of the procedure but Lasik is unlike any other surgical procedure as general anaesthesia may not be required. While you may prefer being put to sleep during the entire duration of the procedure, it is important that you remain alert during the surgery so that you can follow any instructions given by your doctor. During LASIK treatment, you will have to stare at a light for 60 seconds while the laser works. A steady visual fixation on the light is vital for accurate results. Many patients think that being awake means that they will feel everything that happens during the procedure but on the contrary, you will feel nothing other than a slight pressure on your eye.  

When Is Anesthesia Given During Lasik Surgery? 

Before the blade-free Lasik procedure, your doctor will be putting anaesthetic eye drops that will numb the eyes. These eye drops feel just like the drops you use for dry eyes but they contain a numbing agent so that you don’t feel anything but light pressure during the entire procedure. 

Once the sedative has taken effect a few minutes after administration, you will be instructed to relax as the surgery begins. There are some common misconceptions that there are no nerves in the eye but on the contrary, the eyes have the most nerves in the entire body which makes the corneas one of the most sensitive tissues in the body you can rest assured that the surgeon will numb your entire eye so that you feel no pain and discomfort during the entire procedure. 

No pain is felt during the entire LASIK procedure though there might be some pressure as the surgeon begins the procedure.   

After the procedure, you will generally feel no pain or discomfort. While you may feel that your eyes are itchy or gritty but it is rare for a patient to feel any type of pain after the blade-free Lasik procedure. 

The good news is that with advancements in LASIK technologies and lasers, you can expect a quick and easy procedure with exceptional vision correction results. 

To know more about Lasik procedure, and how we can help you improve your vision, you can schedule a consultation at vision eyes eye centre. Following the consultation process, we give you an opportunity to understand the LASIK eye surgery treatment or procedure. Its benefits, suitability, risks, and cost of the procedure. 

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