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Dr. Himanshu Mehta

About Dr. Himanshu Mehta

Our commitment to clinical excellence is lead by our Senior Doctor, Himanshu Mehta, a world-renowned optical surgeon, who has performed over 5,000 refractive treatments. His wealth of experience ensures that The Vission Eye Center stays at the forefront of corrective eye surgery innovation and maintains the highest standards of patient care. The Vission Eye Center closely monitors the results of its specialist medical team.

Dr. Himanshu Mehta has been in practice for over twenty years. He has done his undergraduate and postgraduate training in Ophthalmology from one of the most reputed schools of medicine in Asia. Dr. Mehta entered Seth G.S. Medical College and KEM Hospital Mumbai and also received a Masters in Surgery M.S. (Ophthalmology) from Mumbai University. He has done his super specialty training in Ophthalmology from Houston, Texas in the United States. In order to become further qualified, Dr. Mehta engaged in a Fellowship in Vitreo-Retinal surgery with Dr. Charles A. Garcia, Director Retina Services at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. Dr. Mehta was also involved in some of the early studies in Excimer Laser with Dr. Warren Cross in the United States.

Professional affiliations of
Dr. Himanshu Mehta include:

Dr. Mehta’s area of interest is Cataract and Phaco-Emulsification Surgery and Vitreo-Retinal Surgery. He has to his credit more than 5000 surgeries. He has operated some of the oldest living patients (around the ages of 105) and has successfully restored sight in them. He is skilled to perform the most complicated cases from cataract to LASIK surgery to retinal detachment surgery. He endeavours to reduce blindness due to diabetes and is involved in patient education and treatment for the same

  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Vitreo-Retinal Society
  • Indian Ophthalmologist Association


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One of the leading eye surgeons in Mumbai, Dr. Himanshu Mehta has provided hope and clear vision to many of his patients. In Mumbai, he has also proven to be eye surgeon of choice to big names in the industry. If you are looking to correct your vision, Dr. Himanshu Mehta is the eye surgeon you must visit.

Our History

The first Vission Center was started in 1995 (on the festival of Dassera). It was then upgraded as ‘The Vission Eye Center’ on March 2006. Our purpose is not just for curing blindness but also for better quality of life, regardless of the economy, strata, cast, creed or nationality.