Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai

Lasik Eye Surgery

What is LASIK?

This procedure is performed by ophthalmologists to correct glass numbers. Individuals can permanently correct their myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness).

Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery in Mumbai, India at our facility, The Vission Eye Center has successful patient track record that have permanently got rid of their eye glasses and contact lenses through this non-reversible refractive surgical procedure. Patients across the globe have appreciated our diligent manner of handling each case and our commitment towards their procedure of Lasik Eye Surgery. Individuals with astigmatism are also benefited with Lasik procedure.


The entire femtosecond lase eye surgery procedure takes 10-20 minutes. The exact shape of the cornea is determined through a computer scanning device. Depending on this scan, the amount of tissue removal is calculated. The entire aim is that upon replacing the flap, the individual doesn’t have to depend on eye glasses or contact lenses anymore. This procedure changes the shape of the cornea permanently. A blade, called a microkeratome, is used to cut the cornea flap keeping a hinge at one end of the flap. The middle portion of the cornea, stroma, is revealed by folding the flap. Computer-controlled laser vaporizes a portion of the stroma and the flap is replaced back.

The cornea takes proper shape which helps focus light into the retina leading to better improved vision. Dr. Himanshu Mehta brings in years of experience, skill & dedication to offer the best Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai. He has treated thousands of individual patients in Mumbai with success. His Lasik Eye procedure has benefitted individuals across the globe from varied age groups and strata of the society.

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lens replacement surgery render accurate correction for vision. If you would like to be femtosecond laser and it will also a leading reason why cataract surgeons are excited about their potential, due to the automation these lasers can provide – in creating the capsulorhexis and in pre-chopping the nucleus, reducing the overall energy needed to remove the cataract.

Benefits of Lasik Surgery

If you use glasses or contact lenses to improve your sight, consider LASIK vision correction for the benefits.

  • Look younger and attractive, get the job of your dreams, and participate in outdoor activities without the need of any visual aid.
  • Cheaper, safer and effective alternative to glasses and contact lenses.
  • Quick process, even a -4 number can be corrected in almost 8 seconds.
  • Individuals aged 40+ can also be eligible for LASIK.
  • State of the art machine for pre-op diagnosis.
  • Separate LASIK theatre with controlled temperature and humidity, and 24-hr strict quality control maintained.
  • Accessories used during procedure are disposed for every LASIK candidate.
  • Laser is consistent and always calibrated for optimum performance.
  • Hepa filters used to maintain sterility in the LASIK theatre.
  • A number of testimonials praising the procedure outcomes, what more can we say?

Why Vission Eye Center for Lasik surgery?

Further our consultation process gives you an opportunity to understand Lasik Eye Surgery treatment or procedure, its benefits; it’s suitability for you, risks involved and the cost of laser operation for eyes in Mumbai at our center.

The pricing of femtosecond laser or Lasik eye surgery cost in Mumbai, at Vission Eye Center is a fair proposition in comparison to various others across the city.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Mumbai at The Vission Eye Center is a fair one justifying the following:

  • The best in class equipment using pioneering German Technology.
  • Offers superior clinical results with great speed, precision and safety.
  • Features the best eye tracker to follow involuntary saccadic movements of the eye.
  • Conforms to International Eye Safety Standards.

What is Lasik?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does LASIK surgery impact your eyesight?

    Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, abbreviated as LASIK, is a refractive surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon cuts a thin fold of tissue from the front of the patient’s eye. A laser burns away the offending tissue to reshape the cornea, which helps the light focus on the retina at the back of their eye. LASIK correct vision problems such as farsightedness, astigmatism and nearsightedness.
    Considered to be an effective and safe procedure, the surgeon operates daily. Most patients have 20/20 vision, but people experience side effects such as halos, glare, pain or even loss of sight. Some people have even had 20/40 vision, which is suitable for clearing a driver’s licensing examination.

  • How long does it take to have clear vision after LASIK surgery?

    In most cases, patients recover from LASIK surgery six to twelve hours after the surgery. This depends on certain factors, but most patients experience a clearer vision within twenty-four hours after LASIK surgery. Some others would need between two and five days to recover. However, they could also experience vision fluctuations and blurred vision for many weeks after their surgery.
    As patients have blurry vision immediately after their surgery, we recommend that a family member or friend drive their home after the surgery. Relax and have a nap, but avoid reading or watching television that could stress your eyes. After your procedure, you must return to the clinic to check for vision and take steroid eyedrops and antibiotics for one week. The patient will fully recover after three to six months when the vision finally stabilises.

  • For how long should you wear sunglasses after laser operation?

    When performing LASIK surgery, the surgeon cuts a fold of tissue on the top of the patient’s cornea. Next, the top tissue layer is lifted back, which aids in precisely working upon the cornea’s surface. After the surgery is completed, the surgeon lowers the flap back into its position for the tissues to heal. Though LASIK surgery usually does not cause pain, your eyes could be itchy, dry and sensitive to light and the sun.
    You must wear your sunglasses to guard the eyes after the surgery, as they dim the harsh sunlight to reduce irritation and sensitivity. In addition, they block ultraviolet rays that hamper the healing process and prevent the patients from scratching and rubbing. Excessive scratching disturbs the healing corneal flap and delays the recovery process.
    You must wear your sunglasses through the recovery processes, especially the first twenty-four hours after LASIK surgery. After a few more days, your eyes would gradually lose their sensitivity, but the patient must wear them when going outdoors in cloudy weather (at least for one month). Even after complete recovery, sunglasses protect the eyes from long-term ultraviolet damage, prevent growth and cataracts.

  • Why should you avoid rubbing your eye after the surgery?

    After your LASIK surgery, the patient would constantly wear specialised goggles to protect the eyes. You must observe eye protection after surgery, as the corneal flap created during surgery is healing. Touching or rubbing the eye during the recovery causes displacement to the flap, which would hamper your vision. Generally, only use light pressure for the initial two weeks, but you can gently rub the eyes after two months.

  • What are some effective eye care tips post LASIK surgery?

    To protect your eyes after LASIK surgery, wear eye-protective devices for twenty-four hours after the surgery, expect eye irritation and slight redness, use artificial eye drops to lubricate your eyes, maintain your doctor’s appointments and use dark sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays. Don’t watch television, use the computer or read, exercise for a week, drive, use hot tubs and swimming pools for two weeks or apply eye makeup, creams and lotions for a week. Avoid pressure and high-impact activity such as contact sports for two weeks.