Squint is a misalignment of the eye where the two eyes are pointed towards different directions. This misalignment may not be constant and could be intermittent for some.

If not diagnosed and treated at an appropriate time, a condition called Amblyopia (Lazy eyes) develops - which leads to permanent loss of vision.


  • Inward deviation
  • Outward deviation
  • Upward deviation
  • Downward deviation


  • Heredity
  • Weakness of the eye muscles
  • Refractive errors
  • Secondary to - Cataract, Corneal Scars, Optic Nerve damage, Retinal Disease, Eye Injury


Once the cause of the squint is known, the treatment plan can be suggested accordingly. If there is a refractive error- giving the child a number, helps reduce the deviation of the eyes and automatically corrects the squint.

In cases of Amblyopia, treating the child with occlusion or patching therapy might be beneficial.

In case there is a weakness of the muscles, a surgical treatment might be needed to correct the deviation. If the squint is treated as early as possible (before the age of 2 years), loss of vision can be prevented in children.

What is Squint?

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