Multifocal And Trifocal Lens Cataract Surgery

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Multifocal lens cataract surgery are designed to allow for distance, intermediate as well as near focussing. They have some form of concentric rings attached to the retina surface. That is why it takes a little more time for users to get used to it. The focussing power of this lens is different from the focus that people are used to during their younger years. Sometime after the age of 40, you will begin to notice the initial symptoms of presbyopia i.e the feeling that your arms are not long enough to hold a newspaper or magazine in a position that allows you to read comfortably.

If you are already wearing prescription glasses, then it means that you will have to wear lenses to see clearly at all distances. You can either go for a multifocal lens for a trifocal lens.


Multifocal lenses are prosthetic lenses that are used to replace natural lenses in intraocular surgeries to remove cataracts. During the multifocal lens cataract surgery, the natural lens is taken out and a clear lens is inserted in place of it. Traditionally, cataract patients were offered a monofocal implantable lens which was designed to improve either distance or near vision.

Reading glasses or bifocals were then needed for intermediate and near focusing. Today, multifocal intraocular lenses are being preferred over monocular lenses because they allow correction at all distances and make vision as natural as possible. These lenses are also known as presbyopia-correcting IOLs.

Adapt to this new way of focusing. Besides that they work quite well. Examples of multifocal lens are Tecnis Multifocal, ReESTOR, Panoptix and Tecnis Symfony.


Trifocal lenses for cataract surgery correct three types of vision problems - i.e. close-up, intermediate and distance. You may have heard of corrections for far away and near vision problems but you most likely use your intermediate vision more often. When you are looking at an object that is a few feet away from you, say for example a computer screen, you are making use of your intermediate vision.

Correcting all three kinds of vision problems is important as you start aging. This is where trifocal glasses and lenses come in. The most basic type of trifocal lens has two lines on the lens that separates it into three parts. The top part corrects faraway vision, the middle part corrects intermediate vision and the lower part corrects close up vision.

Trifocal lenses for cataract surgery are usually made of a synthetic material like silicone or plastic and have different zones to correct various types of vision problems. In addition, they also protect your eyes against damage from ultraviolet rays.

The benefit of using a trifocal lens is that it helps you see clearly nearby, intermediate as well as far away objects. You can complete different tasks without having to switch between different pairs of glasses or contacts with single correction or bifocal lenses.

If you're seeking a more advanced and convenient cataract surgery option, our multifocal lens cataract surgery may be the perfect solution for you. Our surgeons are highly trained and have many years of experience using the latest techniques for cataract surgery in Mumbai. We offer a very relaxed and friendly setting for patients and their families. After the cataract procedure is done, the patients can return home and continue their daily activities.