Prior to the surgery, a baseline evaluation is conducted by the doctor to determine whether you are a good candidate for your surgery or not. The following information will help you prepare for your Lasik eye surgery:

You Must Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

It is highly recommended that you stop wearing your contact lenses 3-4 days before you visit your eye doctor. Lenses tend to change the shape of your cornea for up to several weeks after you stop using them. Before the medical or eye examination, stop wearing them entirely rather than switching over to wearing glasses for full time. Recording inaccurate measurements of your cornea during the examination can jeopardize the success of the Lasik eye surgery.  

Share Correct Information About Your Medical History

Try to show all your past or present medical conditions with all the prescriptions, reports, and medications you have been consuming over the years. If you are severely allergic to any form of medication, do mention it to your doctor. 

Be Patient, Clear All Your Doubts, And Ask Ample Amount Of Questions

Once you have gone through the thorough eye examination procedure with your doctor successfully, you must discuss your concerns. 

Conduct detailed inquiry and gather information on the risks, its potential benefits, other possible alternatives of the surgery, precautions, what to expect prior to, during, and after the surgery, etc. Make sure that your doctor address all your doubts, questions, and surgery-associated concerns.  

You must ask about the laser eye surgery cost so that you can prepare yourself financially as well. At the Vission Eye center, you will find the required information regarding the eye surgery prior to your treatment by the hospital administrative authorities. 

The surgery is entirely your decision to make but prior to laser eye surgery do weigh the pros and cons. Ensure that you don’t feel forced or pressured by anyone else on such matters especially not by your doctor, family, and friends.  

Wearing Fragrance Products Could Be Detrimental

It is highly recommended not to use any form of facial and non-facial creams, body lotions, fragrant perfume, or general makeup cosmetic products prior to the day of your surgery.  

Such cosmetic products and fragrance products can badly affect the laser treatment process. These products are likely to develop the risk of infection during the treatment process as well as after the Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai

In fact, before your surgery, you will be instructed to thoroughly scrub your eyelashes in order to remove any possible debris or residue accumulated in your eyes which will make the treatment process efficient and the surgery effective. 

Organize Your Transportation Medium

Safely traveling back home after the surgery has been completed is extremely important. It would be convenient for you if you could arrange the transportation prior to your surgery. 

It is extremely crucial to keep your eyes closed because that is a mandatory requirement to perform the healing process following eye surgery. Just after the surgery, you won’t be able to drive vehicle because of the medication provided by your doctor. 

Because of your blurry vision, you won’t be able to navigate well. So ensure that you have a reliable person with you prior to and after the surgery is performed who can help you navigate back home.   

At the Vission Eye Center, our well-renowned team of optical surgeons possesses a wealth of experience, has performed numerous treatments, and has conducted multiple successful Lasik eye surgery.

Getting your Topography tests done

The Topography test that is done for your eyes before you select the procedure is very important. It is done by your doctor to make sure you are eligible for the surgery. The topography test checks the thickness of the cornea of your eyes. Regular LASIK procedures cannot be performed on very thin corneas, and your doctor should advise you on other treatment options. If you undergo LASIK, without topography tests-it can be detrimental to your eyes. 

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