As lockdowns have become common in most parts of the world, working from home seems to be the new trend of working. It has been noticed that people working from home have increased their screen time that can have indirect consequences to the eyes, such as computer vision syndrome. As more people work from home during the pandemic, they are now spending more time in front of the computer without taking any proper breaks. If you are looking for the best eye doctor in Mumbai, ensure you do thorough research.

Several ways can help to reduce the eye strain while opting to work from home.

Maintain a good posture:

Maintaining the perfect sitting posture is the first step to avoid eye strain and should be taken seriously for the best results. While sitting in front of the computer, ensure to keep your feet flat, and your wrist should be kept slightly elevated for the best experience.

Change the lightning:

Proper room lighting plays a vital role. If the light is too bright or too dim, it can cause strain to the eyes. Besides, the glare in your computer screens matters. To remove the glares, ensure you use an anti-glare coating for the best results.

Blink more often:

Staying in front of the computer screen the entire day can reduce the blinks that take place involuntarily. Blinks produce moisture and are essential for your eye & wellbeing. So take a break often and keep blinking your eyes continuously.

Take frequent breaks:

It is essential to take frequent breaks when working from home in front of your computer. Use the 20 rule wherein taking a break after every 20 minutes is essential. It will help you to relax and rehydrate.

Increase the font size:

If you find it difficult to read the word on your computer, it is advised to increase the font size for the best results. This will help to reduce the stress in your eyes and relieve you from any strain.

Block blue light:

Generally, blue light is seen everywhere, but our phone and computer screens have a considerable amount of this light which is hard to filter out. Wearing blue light glasses when looking at a screen can help tackle the situation. Some of the best eye specialists in Mumbai recommend people working from home using recommended glasses to avoid blue light.

Have technology-free zones:

The pandemic has made many people sit in front of their computers and be technologically dependent on their work. Keeping yourself out of the technical side for some time can help your eyes to relax and rehydrate.

Ensure your prescription is correct:

If you are wearing glasses, the prescription should be correct for the best results. Ensure you update your prescription regularly to keep your eyes in the best shape. If you are using the computer screen regularly, you need to visit the eye doctor regularly and get your prescription checked for the best results.


Mentioned above are some of the points that will help to reduce eye strain while working from home. Some of the best eyes specialists in Mumbai suggest these above mentioned. points.