Laser technology is one of the most innovative and exciting advances to occur in ophthalmology over the past few years. While traditional cataract surgery has a good track record of success, laser cataract surgery is more precise and accurate. 

Even though both procedures involve the same steps to dislodge the cataract, the difference lies in how the steps are performed. 

Laser Cataract Surgeries Do Not Require The Use Of A Blade 

During cataract surgery, the first step involves creating an incision in the cornea which is the transparent portion of the eye. This allows the surgeon to access the capsule that holds the natural lens in place. In traditional cataract surgery, the incision is created with the help of a blade. While it may look like a straightforward process, there is a high chance of complications due to human error. On the hand, during laser eye surgery Mumbai, the surgeon will use a highly precise femtosecond laser to create the incision which lowers the risk of complications. 

Laser Cataract Surgeries Help Increase Accuracy And Precision 

The second step in cataract surgery is to open the front of the lens capsule by a process known as anterior capsulotomy. Traditionally, it is done by making an incision on the front of the capsule with a needle while in laser surgery, it is done with a femtosecond laser. It is important that the remaining part of the lens is in one piece because that is what will hold the artificial intraocular lens in place. Many studies have concluded that capsulotomies done with a laser offer more precision when creating incisions on the capsule. In addition, research has also shown that laser eye surgery uses laser capsulotomies to allow for more accurate centering of the intraocular lens thereby ensuring better visual outcomes after surgery. 

Laser Cataract Surgeries Help To Reduce Surgical Time And Energy In The Eye 

The last step in cataract surgery is to remove the cataract. During traditional surgery, ultrasound energy is used to break up the cataract into smaller pieces which are then suctioned out. Laser surgery, on the other hand, uses laser energy to gently soften and break the cataract so that it can be removed with ease. Since laser cataract surgery uses less energy than traditional surgery to remove the cataract, there is less chance of incision burns, capsule breakage, and other complications. 

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