In cataract surgery, the faulty lens is removed from your eye and replaced with an artificial lens. It is considered to be one of the most successful clinical management in the healthcare sector. According to a report in the National Institute of Health of the US, it improves visual acuity and reduces mortality.

What Are The Different Types Of Cataract Surgery?

When you go for a consultation, the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai will advise you about the different types of surgeries that you can opt for. Though you may not understand how these procedures work, it is good to have a general idea about them.


This procedure is also known as Phaco and is the most common technique used for cataract removal. It is popular because it takes only 30 minutes to complete and requires minimal sedation which can be either local or topical.

The procedure is done by making a small incision near the edge of the cornea. This creates an opening through the membrane surrounding the lens. Then, the cataract eye specialist will insert a tiny ultrasonic probe into the opening to break up the cloudy lens into small fragments by using sound waves. An attachment on the probe will act as suction and remove the broken fragments.

Once the fragments are taken out, an intraocular lens also known as an IOL is implanted in the natural lens capsule with the help of a hollowed-out tube.

Intracapsular Cataract Surgery 

This cataract procedure is used for highly advanced cataracts which are so dense that phacoemulsion cannot be done. But thanks to the help of technology, this technique is barely used. 

This procedure requires a large incision in the eye so that the whole cataract can be removed at one time instead of breaking into pieces in the eye. Like in phacoemulsion, the cataract surgeon will place an artificial lens inside the same capsular bag.

A number of sutures are used to close the large wound. That is why recovery from this type of procedure takes a longer time than phacoemulsion.

To begin this procedure, the numbing medication is administered with an injection around the eye. Patients are required to wear an eye patch after this procedure.

Lensx Cataract Surgery

LenSx cataract surgery is a recent development in the history of cataract surgery. The best cataract surgeon in Mumbai uses a femtosecond laser to create cleavage planes through photodisruption in transparent or translucent tissues. Real time intraoperative is used during this procedure. The benefit of this procedure is that the corneal incision is made in a unique way so that it will self heal without the need for sutures.  

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