Dry eye syndrome or dry eyes is a common condition in which the eyes do not produce enough tears. 

Tears are a mixture of water, lipids, and mucous and are crucial for the health of your eyes. The mixture helps the surface of your eyes by making them smooth, lubricated, and clear. It also protects your eyes from numerous types of infection. 

Sometimes the tears produced are not of good quality and don’t consist of water, oil, mucus, and antibodies in an appropriate ratio. Such imbalance in your tear system leads to the symptoms of dry eyes.    


There could be numerous reasons why you might have developed dry eyes symptoms. One of the major reasons is due to environmental factors such as excessive usage of air conditioners or electric heaters. Both the device can dry out your tear film eventually negatively affecting your eyes. 

Other complex causes of dry eyes symptoms include changes in the hormonal system, autoimmune disorders, or even allergies. Decreased tear production can also happen because of aging, deficiency in Vitamin D, tear gland damage, including some medical conditions such as thyroid, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, PCOD, etc. 

Extended exposure to hot or dry air sources, allergies affecting the eyes, deficiency of vitamin A, and meibomian gland dysfunction are some of the major factors that accelerate the tear evaporation process. 


Blurry vision, stinging, burning or scratchy sensation, increased sensitivity to light, redness, pain, stringy mucus in your eyes, and difficulty wearing contact lenses are some of the common symptoms of dry eyes you should look out for. 

It is highly advisable that if you experience the above symptoms, then you must immediately consult the best dry eye specialist in Mumbai to get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. 


Lacrimal plug or punctal occlusion is a painless dry eyes treatment procedure in which the puncta are blocked. A puncta is a small opening in the corners of the eyes through which tears drain. By decreasing the number of tears that drain away from the eye, blocking the puncta increases the number of tears available to bathe the front part of the eye.

Production of artificial tears by using eye drops can also help improve the moisture content. In fact, most specialists prescribe eye drops for treatment. Hot water fermentation is also an effective treatment. 

Only when dry eye syndrome is severe and no other treatment can help cure it, then surgery becomes an option. Most dry eye clinic in Mumbai offer surgery for the syndrome. The surgical procedure includes permanently plugging the ducts at the corner of your eyes in order to prevent the overflow of tears. 

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After completing your treatment, you can incorporate necessary lifestyle changes that can help improve your condition. At work, you can follow the 20-20-20 rule - take a break every 20 minutes to stare at a distant object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. To ease the stress on your eyes, you can consider wearing protective eyewear. 

Most ophthalmologists prescribe using artificial tears on a regular basis for treating dry eyes. After treatment, it is also recommended to avoid blowing air directly into your eyes as well as stop smoking.  

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