Even though refractive eye surgery was discovered in the 1970s, it was until 1995 that it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). Today, laser vision correction has come a long way.

Lasik originated in South America during the 1950s. Spanish ophthalmologist Jose Barraquer was the first to test the idea of reshaping the cornea to improve vision. He invented the microkeratome, a blade that can cut the cornea. In the 1950’s Barraquer used this blade to reshape the cornea.

During the 1980s at the IBM research laboratory, it was discovered that an ultraviolet excimer laser could extract living tissue without damaging the surrounding area. The first laser vision correction procedure was done in 1988 when a 60- year old woman who had a serious eye problem allowed her surgeon to perform a photorefractive keratectomy on her damaged eye. This procedure was approved by the US in 1995 

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Development Of Lasik Eye Surgery 

The success of the first surgery allowed the procedure to reach a wider market. European eye doctors Ioannis Pallikaris and Lucio Burrato then discovered that creating a flap in the cornea rather than treating the actual surface helped to reduce post-surgery discomfort and speed up the healing process. Through this process, the surgeons can address vision problems right at the source. It also acts as a natural bandage and helps with the healing process. This was the beginning of Lasik eye surgery as we know it today.   

In the present day, Lasik eye surgery is on a path of innovation as scientists and eye doctors continue to discover new technologies. Patients now have the option of choosing bladeless LASIK which uses a laser rather than a blade to create a flap. This laser is a key part of laser eye surgery and continues to be improved upon.

Advances in technology used to map the eye before the procedure have been a big part of the LASIK success story. Custom LASIK and Topography-guided LASIK provides more accurate data that can help in the planning of the procedure. The highly detailed data helps surgeons customize the procedure according to the unique vision care needs of the patient. Lasik patients have more treatment options than ever before.

Looking at the history of LASIK, it can be said that this procedure will continue to evolve. Procedures like bladeless LASIK, topography-guided Lasik and custom LASIK each offer unique benefits.  

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