LASIK eye surgery permanently alters the eyes, which is why it is said to be a little critical. But, this not only involves LASIK eye surgery but also in other surgeries as well. So, a patient should be aware of the complications which can occur after the surgery and should trust the doctor on how to deal with them. 

If you have a cataract or if your friend or relative has it, it should be treated immediately as many innovations have happened in the last few decades. Laser surgery is involved with the assisted change of corneal curvature. Many people have queries and questions about LASIK eye surgery and this blog consists of a detailed guide as well as certain complications with dedicated solutions to deal with them:

Dry Eyes

The most common side effect sign in most patients is dry eyes. The symptoms observed in this complication are itchy, gritty eyes, painful eyes as well as a sensation of a foreign body in your eyes. The best cure for this is to simply put eye drops given to you after the surgery and use them to lubricate your eyes which will help heal them. Even though dry eyes are a common complication seen in many patients post the surgery, it is alarming if it is going on for a few months.

Difficulties with vision in dim light

Difficulties with vision in dim light is another side effect which is seen in some patients post the surgery. This doesn't usually mean that it is a complication ; instead, it causes visual disturbances such as stardust, haloes and glare, which starts at night that can impair your vision. This common side effect is rare and can be cured. Thanks to the advanced technology invented by doctors of LASIK eye surgery. You may also experience double vision or ghosting, which can worsen at night. These symptoms naturally heal, over a few months with regular medications and follow up visits to your eye surgeon.

Loss of contrast sensitivity

After your LASIK surgery, a little loss of contrast sensitivity could happen which makes it harder to discriminate between different colours and shades. This, in turn, can make it difficult to watch TV or read clearly without any mental irritation, making you feel that something isn't quite right inside your eyes. It is essential always to let a professional doctor diagnose the issue and offer solutions to it. It is thus important to get your preliminary tests done before opting for any form of laser correction at discounted prices at LASIK eye surgery cost in Mumbai.

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