Expectations from a LASIK eye surgery might differ from doctors to doctors, patients to patients, and hospital to hospital. This article is a detailed compilation of the entire surgical procedure that a patient has to experience prior, during, and after the LASIK surgery. Still, it is highly suggested to conduct an in-depth dialogue with a doctor or a healthcare professional before opting for such surgery.

Prior Surgery

  • People who are carefully getting evaluated as a good candidate for the surgery are the ones who benefit the most from it in the long term. 
  • You will be asked about your medical and surgical history by your doctor prior to your surgery. Your doctor will give you a comprehensive eye examination to evaluate your vision quality and assess whether you are fit enough to proceed safely.
  • The doctor will also measure your cornea that needs reshaping to attain precision and accuracy during surgery. Prior to your surgery, your doctor will provide you with an ample amount of guidance and information. The doctor will also discuss the risks and benefits of laser eye surgery, if you have any questions - you must ask beforehand. 

During the surgery

  • During the surgery, your refraction test will be done once again for better and accurate results. You then will be taken to the LASIK Operation Theatre. The entire surgery is done on topical anesthesia so its basically a Injection Less | Stitch Less | Pain Less procedure which is completed in less than 20 minutes.
  • You may be given medicines to help you calm down and relax during the laser eye surgery. 
  • You may experience a feeling of pressure with a little dimmed vision because of the suction ring placed on your eye. With the help of the cutting laser, your surgeon will cut a small hinged flap away from the front of your eye.
  • With each pulse of the laser beam from programmed machines, a tiny amount of corneal tissue is removed. With this operational process, your surgeon will reshape parts of your cornea. After successfully reshaping the cornea, the flap will be laid back to place; which heals without stitches. While conducting the surgery, you’ll be asked to focus on a point of light. 

After the surgery

  • After the surgery, there might be some discomfort such as burning or itching sensation in your eyes. You might experience mild pain, your vision may be hazy or blurry as well. Instinctively you might feel like rubbing your eyes immediately after experiencing discomfort but don’t. But these sensations are absolutely normal.
  • You are like to experience sensitivity to light, starbursts, or halos around lights. Such symptoms take time to heal and improve. It is suggested to take a few days off at work while you are dealing with after-surgery symptoms.
  • During your regular visit to the hospital, the doctor examine your eye, and might prescribe you eye drops at your postoperative visits. The doctor also explains you the Do’s and Don’ts after surgery to ensure proper healing of your eyes.
  • If you experience severe pain in your eyes, develop any new or unusual symptoms at any point of the surgery, immediately contact your doctor to consult and visit the hospital to solve the problem. Also get detailed information from the hospital authority about the precautions.

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