Invented in the 1990s Lasik surgery has been identified as the most successful vision correction surgery. Lasik treatment is a highly effective and revolutionary method that offers permanent relief to the issues such as farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism refractive error. Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai became a popular choice for eye correction for various reasons.  

Listed below are the reasons why laser eye surgery Mumbai is a popular choice: 

The overall vision that is affected is fixed by reshaping the cornea with the idea of curing the eyesight problem through Lasik. The procedure is painless, safe and fast which comes with several other benefits such as:   

Get rid of eyeglasses or contact lenses: 

People who use eyeglasses or contact lenses often get tired of using them all the time as it becomes frustrating over time. With the best Lasik surgery in Mumbai, you can get rid of eyeglasses with ease. If you are having a hard time with contact lenses you are aware of how relieving this feeling is. Apart from this, you do not have to invest in quality contact lenses or eyeglasses due to which you end up saving a lot. The initial Lasik eye surgery cost in Mumbai will be high but it will be like a one-time investment and worth it.  

Usage of Advanced Technology: 

Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai is done with high tech new age instruments. The entire procedure is performed by using advanced technology and instruments to acquire the best outcome after the operation. A much-advanced procedure is topography-guided Lasik which corrects the numbers with the help of the cornea’s topographical map. In another approach, the eye experts use an excimer laser which gives less accurate results. Lasik eye surgery cost in Mumbai is quite affordable.     

Exhibits positive and immediate outcomes:

The eyes recover quickly after the vision correction with Laser eye surgery Mumbai. Immediate improvement in the vision can be noticed as the corneal tissues heal quickly. You can get back to your normal routine mostly in a day or two. However, you will experience temporary fluctuations in the quality of eyesight, little discomfort in the vision and dryness but all these stops within a couple of weeks. Although a dedicated timeline for recovery is not specified it takes almost 3 months for the eyes to completely heal after the surgery.   

Minimum complications post-surgery: 

Most people have recorded excellent visual post-surgery. Post-surgery complications are quite rare with Lasik surgery. It takes only 20 to 30 minutes for the entire procedure and after surgery downtime is minimal which is an extremely encouraging factor. Best Lasik surgery in Mumbai involves quick recovery by thoroughly following the below-listed tips:

  • Attend follow up appointments with the eye specialist strictly
  • In the initial weeks avoid eye makeup  
  • Avoid swimming and bathtubs
  • Stay in a pollution-free and clean environment. 

Effective, reliable and safe method: 

Safety is the most important thing to ensure while picking the eye surgery procedure. The eye correction method that is safe and effective is Lasik Treatment. The best Lasik eye surgery in Mumbai procedure has provided patients with vision 20/20 or better in most cases. Very few people reported temporary or short term difficulties with seeing the objects clearly after the Lasik surgery.