A cataract is blurriness or loss of translucency in the lens of the eye that interferes with vision i.e the lens of our eye which is made up of cells & proteins called “Crystallin” is naturally transparent, but with the passing time, the adult lens starts puling up water & proteins which results into the lens turning cloudy or opaque. The process of surgically getting these cloudy/opaque lenses replaced by an artificial lens is known as Cataract Surgery in Mumbai.

A cataract is usually an age-related medical condition, however, one may end up developing a cataract in case if they’re diabetic, if they’re under extensive use of certain medication, if they’ve received some injury to the eye, if they’re exposed to UV/sunlight for a prolonged period without wearing a UV protected sunglasses, or at times it may be a genetic condition or a birth defect.

In case one observes a blurry vision or has some sort of discomfort in their eye, they should visit an ophthalmologist (an eye doctor/surgeon) the best cataract eye Specialist in Mumbai to have their eye examined as a precautionary step to make sure of not having a cataract developed. On diagnosis, if a cataract with a profound impact on one's vision is detected, the ophthalmologist might suggest them to opt for cataract surgery. Cataract Operation Cost in Mumbai is affordable which makes it the best option for treatment.

Preparations before having cataract surgery:

  • Be transparent about your ongoing medication with your doctor/surgeon/hospital
  • Lookout for any irritation, discomfort, infection, red eyes, constant watering, or sensitivity, in case, if you feel/find any of it, inform your doctor promptly before your surgery
  • Consult your doctor way ahead for any eye drops or medications that are important to have or get started with well in advance
  • Avoid wearing any contact lenses or rubbing your eyes harshly at least a week before the surgery
  • Stop being stressed out in name of surgery, as Cataract Surgery in Mumbai is well known for being one of the safest surgeries with a tremendous success rate along with the least number of complications, it is one of the most frequently performed surgeries.
  • Get to know about the post-procedure care well in advance before having the surgery.


Cataract surgery is one of the common ways of operating a cataract. It mostly involves removing your hazy lens with a surgical process and replacing it with an artificial lens. Three of the most common & highly recommended cataract surgeries are Phacoemulsification, Extracapsular Cataract Surgery & Femtosecond i.e laser-assisted Cataract Surgery.

Where the Phacoemulsification & Extracapsular Cataract Surgery are somewhat of an old-school technique (but the most effective & commonly preferred cataract surgeries even today), the Femtosecond laser-assisted surgery is relatively new and is known for having the best surgical incision and requires the least amount of effort to get a cataract removed among the three.


 Follow these steps post having a cataract surgery for a speedy recovery:

  • Restrict yourself from rubbing or applying pressure on the operated eye for a month.
  • Avoid getting your operated eye wet, so bath with an angle where an excessive amount of water doesn’t get into your eye.
  • Avoid exposing your operated eye directly to the sunlight or any indoor lights, and wear glasses as per suggested by the best cataract eye specialist in Mumbai
  • Be careful to not sleep in a position where an excessive amount of strength is applied to the eye
  • Be timely with the prescribed medications & if any irregularities or side effects are noted consult the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai immediately.
  • Visit your eye doctor at scheduled time for your regular eye check up.